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About Me

My name is Giovanni De Costanzo and I currently work as Sr.Research Engineer @Malwarebytes.

I’m a geek, passionate about all the tech world since early age, when my father bought the first PC in 1995. From him I also inherited a passion for cinema, and together we set up a small Home Theatre room. Over the years I became interested in programming, so after high school I decided to enroll for the course in computer science. Around the same time I also had way to cultivate my passion for football, organising and participating in amateur tournaments among friends.

I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science in 2014, and soon after I left for Milan, where I worked for a year in consulting at Deloitte, as a developer on the e-commerce project of MSC Cruises. In August 2015 I resigned to meet my desire to resume the studies and deepen my knowledge. So I got home, enrolling in the Master’s Degree. In December 2017 I have earned a Master’s Degree cum Laude in Computer Science (specializing in Computer Security). For my thesis work I realized a reputation-based system in P2P logic for blocking malware at the operating system level.

In January 2018 I’ve been hired as Research Engineer at Malwarebytes (Perugia, Italy).